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Adam Craske’s Steam Lorries


Here in the UK we’re experience a fuel crisis at the moment due to the government and press telling us not to panic buy…. Guess what?  One person who isn’t bothered is Adam Craske. He’s into steam big time. Check out the steam lorries he’s built over the summer.

Adam tells us:

“They are all scratchbuilt 1/76 steam wagons, built using plans by Mick Bell & Geoff Lacey. Painting is by brush, with Humbrol & Phoenix paints.

The Sentinel Steam Wagon (1917 Sentinel Standard Undertype 4×2 4-ton GS) is in postwar RAF markings.

There are three Fodens (1916 Foden Tyle B 4×2 5-ton): a GS version (1916, 606 Coy MT ASC), a GS version fitted with Wilkin’s Patent Moveable Floor (1918, unknown Road Construction Unit somewhere behind the Western Front) and a Thresh Disinfector (1917, also somewhere in France).

All in all they took a couple of years, on and off, in-between a few other things”.

Adam (8848)


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