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Mephisto, the only remaining German A7V tank from World War I, kept safe in a bubble in Australia


Our president has just alerted me to an interesting news item from Australia. See http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-20/mephisto-rare-german-wwi-tank-kept-safe-inside-a-bubble/9168054

The Germans only made 20 of these tanks and this is the only survivor. If you are planning a holiday to Queensland make sure you take time to visit what must be the rarest tank in the world



  1. Yes John it was in June (03/04) , but I didn’t get there. I will find out if and when it takes place next year.

  2. Even that is quite impressive. By the way Paul, is there a model show at Munster this year?

  3. Now that I would really like to see, the closest I’ll ever get though is the replica
    in the Panzer Museum Munster.