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Member’s Models -1/35 scale Tamiya Churchill MKVII by Terry Hatch


Cambridge branch member Terry Hatch brought his Churchill Mk VII along to the April club meeting. This is what he had to say about the model:

“When first seeing Tamiya’s Churchill MK VII, I was really impressed with the box art. As with all Tamiya products I knew the kit would be of a high standard. The instructions where easy to follow and the layout and ease of which the parts glued into place was pleasure. I liked the size of the vehicle and its attention to detail. Once I had built the kit I chose to paint and detail it as if it was in a Battle of Normandy 1944 setting. I liked the turret which came with the kit, but to try and make it more authentic I found a military vehicle resin accessories company called Black Dog. The kit came with a new hessian covered turret and a replacement gun barrel, extra stowage compartments on the back of the turret and a spare track which is fitted to the front of the vehicle to provide extra protection. The resin parts were of good quality and were easy to fit to the Churchill. I found painting the resin accessories nice and smooth work; the detailing was very good on each piece of resin so the different colours and the accuracy of minor detailing was clear and brought out the Churchill’s character. The hessian on the turret was sharp and each piece was moving away in a different direction which provided the realism I was looking for. Painting them individually was easy and stress free which freed up time for me to research different turrets and camouflages from allied armour in the Normandy campaign”.



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