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Members’ Benefits

“Hello Friends. I’ll address you as friends as that’s what MAFVA is. It’s a society of friends” – Max Hundleby [MAFVA member 002] addressing the prize giving of the 2018 MAFVA Nationals.

MAFVA remains one of the longest running modelling associations to be found in the world, now in its’ 55th year.  Things have changed a lot since those early days and modelling as a hobby faces lots of competition for our time these days, and the attraction of computer games, particularly for youngsters, is a temptation for many.  The huge array of models and references on the market these days is a very far cry from what was available back in those early days of the 1960s.  At that time it could be largely described as a ‘pocket money’ hobby, a description which is not really the case today.  While costs have gone up for kits, paints, books and other accessories, maybe you need a bit of a hand with picking out what you want to spend your money on, or maybe a local club where you can share your modelling skills and pick up hints and tips from other like minded modellers.

MAFVA offers some great benefits to its’ members which make the very reasonable annual subscription really worthwhile.  As well as the mutual support, the local branches, the original references within the bi-monthly Tankette magazine, the discounts offered to MAFVA members by a variety of retailers and publishers will mean you can easily save the cost of your subscription each year.

Local Branches

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UK Branches currently include: Bedfordshire (Chiltern SMC), Cambridge (shown right), Chester, Clacton On Sea, Durham, Essex, London, Maryport, Mendips, Northern Home Counties, North West (Wirral), Norwich, Nottingham, Rugby, Sheffield, South Staffs, Suffolk, Sussex, Sussex (East), Warwickshire, Wilts/Mendip, Scotland (Glasgow), Scotland (Lothians), Scotland (Tayside) and South Wales.


In response to the COVID-19 situation, many branches now hold regular ‘virtual meetings’ using Zoom, Whats App, etc. This has the added benefit of not having to be geographically close to a branch to join it. Simply contact a branch secretary to find out if that branch runs ‘virtual meetings’ .

Trips & Visits

MAFVA Branches regularly organise trips and visits to shows – both in the UK and overseas – museums and collections. Because they are organised through MAFVA, members can usually access the behind-the -scenes workshops and reserve collections that are not usually open to the public and enjoy the opportunity to view vehicles close up.


On this website you can find lots of handy news plus, as a member, you also get access to the dedicated members area where you will find even more resources, exclusive information and special offers available to you.


The official MAFVA magazine with lots of original research articles you won’t find elsewhere, as well as other news and reviews coupled with the general news of MAFVA as an Association. Members receive 6 issues per year in either printed or digital form. Members who subscribe to the printed magazine can also view the digital version – which is easier to store and access and also has more colour pictures.

Sample issue of Tankette

click here for a free sample copy of the digital version of Tankette

You can also access the current and previous digital copies of Tankette via the Member’s Area of the website. Scans of individual issues of Tankette going back to issue 1.1 can be made available on request.

Research Information 

This service is only available to paid up MAFVA members

MAFVA has a wealth of research information accumulated over the years.  If you have a question you have been unable to find an answer for, try contacting our Information Officer.

See also “MAFVA Forum’ below.

NEW! Walk Around Photo Library

MAFVA members love taking photos of military vehicles to aid the accuracy and detailing of their models. Now we are sharing those photos amongst the membership. Subjects range form the popular such as the StuG III and T-55 to the more obscure such as the Styer-Puch Haflinger and M123 10 ton Tractors – and we’re adding to the list all the time.


The Trumpeter 1:35th scale PzKpfw 38t Ausf. E/F. Just one of the kits available to Members at a discount price .


This service is only available to paid up MAFVA members

There is a list of traders, publishers and the like who offer discounts especially for MAFVA Members.  Please check the exclusive members area on this website for the most up to date list and the codes required when claiming your discounts.



MAFVA Models

MAFVA Models is an exclusive range of model kits and accessories that are ONLY available to paid up MAFVA members. In keeping with MAFVA being a not-for-profit organization these items are sold at COST PRICE to members only.

We have recently added 3D printing files to the MAFVA Model range. Members can download print files for as little as £3.00 and then print them on a 3-D printer.

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