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New Viet Nam Era Kits Coming!


With my interest in Viet Nam War vehicles I’m really keen on this one…. A small business – Hobby Link –  has started up, appropriately enough in Viet Nam, making 3D printed/resin kits of vehicles from the war era that no one else makes.

The problem is this is more or less a one-man (maybe two or three-man) business and he is already swamped with orders. The other problem is the distance from Viet Nam to wherever you happen to be. Shipping will probably be expensive. American members are at an advantage because our good friend Scott at Wanamaker Hobbies has put and order in and will have stock in due course. This is the list of the stock Scott has on order:

Hobby Link doesn’t have a website as yet but he does have a Facebook page. (Or search Hobby Link Vietnam). Quality is said to be really good, but we have yet to see the kits ourselves.

Loads of good stuff coming, including: 


M113 AVLB Bridge layer,

Australian/ US 15 ton tilt trailer

US D7E Caterpillar dozer

M123 Tractor

and M42 and M43 3/4ton truck and ambulance (now that Roden can’t supply due to the war in Ukraine) and much more. Keep watching for more news.


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