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On the Right Track – South Wales MAFVA at the Cardiff Model Railway Show


Chairman Paul and the South Wales MAFVA Gang exhibit at the Cardiff Model Railway Show and take a look at railways with a military theme.

A rare occasion where all three of us are in the same photo. Two ‘happy bunnies’ and one ‘Mr. Grumpy’

The show organiser was someone new to us, so we weren’t sure where they would put our South Wales MAFVA stand. We ended up right in the middle of the show where everyone could see us.

The room was an indoor nets area where the cricket players practice. As a result, there was really good lighting in the hall, about the best we’ve ever had.

Mike’s German diesel loco got a lot of interest as it was so well presented.

As was Mike’s other German railway wagon diorama, with Kubelwagen to put it into scale.

Dave’s wrecked German town with a British Centaur dozer clearing the road. The master pattern of the dozer was made by Paul Gandy. This is a resin copy of it from Cromwell Models.

Always eye catching is Dave’s German Field Repair Depot which had a lot of interest.

Two 1/152nd scale railway dioramas from Paul, showing an Ashchurch-like setting based in the early 1960s, and a more modern warehouse depot scene with passing military traffic on the railway and on the road next to it

This Canadian scene showing vehicles going to and from the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS). It was made as so many people told Paul that they had seen ‘tanks’ on the railways in the UK. What they really meant was Warriors. You only had tanks on trains in Canada or Europe, hence this Canadian scene.

Next to us was a really nicely made O Gauge layout of the railways in northern France in WWI. O Gauge is 1/43rd scale, so quite a lot of what you can see here must have been scratchbuilt

Another good view of this large o gauge layout.

What caught our attention was this diorama that can only be described as looking like something out of Discworld. Some highly original model making that was very well presented.


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