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President’s Choice – November 2023


We’re a bit late with the President’s Choice this month, but Christmas and New Year are coming and many of the main manufacturers have been busy announcing their releases for 2024, so we wanted to gather as many as we could before posting this choice.

There really is something for everyone this month and I would be most surprised if you don’t put at least one of them on your wish list.

1/16th Scale

1/35th SCALE

1/48th SCALE

Small Scale


As usual, not all of these items will be available right away, so keep looking at the dealers’ websites for release dates and prices.

The final item is one that I’ve been after for a long time, but up until now no one has produced a kit of it in 1/35th scale. It’s the M76 Otter. Finally Hobby Link in Vietnam has produced a 3D printed kit. It’s available from Wanamaker in the US, but be warned, if you live outside the USA there is a hefty shipping fee to add to the price, and if you are in the UK you will also get hit with 20% import duty plus a handling fee. It might be Christmas time but HMRC doesn’t do Xmas presents!


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