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Remembering Jim Mesko


Jim Mesko, teacher, author, journalist, model maker and collector, and great friend of mine, passed away on Wednesday 29th March. RIP Jim.

I first met Jim when Cambridge MAFVA were exhibiting at a show at Munster Military Museum in Germany. He showed interest in my Vietnam models and introduced himself. When I realised I was talking to Jim Mesko author of so many Squadron publications that I had in my collection I replied “Ah! You’re my hero”. So started a friendship that saw him travel with the Cambridge MAFVA team to several shows across Europe. I went to see him several times at his home in Ohio and was stunned by his model collection that would be the envy of most large model shops and also by the quality of his builds on display in his basement. His basement stash and collection took up the whole footprint of his bungalow home and was stacked floor to celling in closely packed aisles.

Jim will be best remembered for his authoritive works on WW2 and Vietnam era vehicles. Jim served with the US Navy in ‘Nam and was involved with the ‘Vietnamesization Program’. If you’ve seen Good Morning Vietnam, you’ll have the idea. Unfortunately he was also exposed to Agent Orange, which may have contributed to his ill health in later years which ultimately put paid to his European travels.

The Cambridge MAFVA team will remember his works, his knowledge, but most of all his humour. The gentle teasing and constant jokes stick in our memories. You’ve left us with fond memories Jim. That’s some testimony.


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  1. Middleton1528 on

    A prolific author, great enthusiast and excellent company. Jim will be sorely missed.
    Paul M.