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Review: AK’s American Artillery in Vietnam


Having previously bought some of AK’s excellent books, when I saw their latest release on Book world’s stand at the Brampton Model Show I just had to thumb through it. In a matter of seconds I knew I just had to have it. 366 pages of Vietnam War history and 209 full colour profiles of towed artillery, mechanised artillery, support vechicles and even aircraft used by the artillery; what more reference could a modeler with an interest in this period want?

Just part of the set of seven images depicting the loading sequence of an M110

The problem with an A3 sized hardback book with this number of pages is that it’s very difficult to scan, so apologies for the ‘snapshot’ photos taken while I was thumbing through it – but they should serve to show the extent this book goes to and the quality of the production. The great thing I found was that despite already having an extensive collection of Vietnam War books very few of the photos had been seen before.

The main appeal of this book has to be the huge number of photos, not just showing the equipment. but also the environment they operated in giving much inspiration for dioramas… there’s also quite a lot of words, which I’ll get round to reading eventually!

This is about more than just big guns. Every aspect of artillery is covered including helicopter transportation, ‘brown water’ artillery and spotter aircraft.

Both the Army and the Marine Corps had HAWK anti aircraft missiles in Vietnam even though there was no targets for them! They went home in 1969.

The section on profiles at the back of the book deals with pretty much everything that has been mentioned in the first part, giving the modeler a well rounded source of information on both what the featured equipment looked like in action and as a guide for detailing, painting and marking.

As you have probably guessed I’d recommend  this book. In fact I’ve already pulled a kit from the stash to build a vignette based on one of the pictures. If you’d like a copy they are available from www.bookworldws.co.uk at £49.99 plus courier delivery.

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