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Here’s one from me


I thought you might be interested to see what your webmaster has been working on recently. It’s actually a re-work of an old diorama that now encompasses information from David Doyle’s excellent *Gun Trucks book, the new AFV Club M54 and the Acadamy M113. (The original used a resin M54 conversion and the old Tamiya M113). The figures are from Azimut and the decals are home made.

The diorama is set in the late 1960s/early 1970s. I was an art student at that time and made my beer money by painting custom cars and dragsters.  When ever I worked a crowd would gather to watch, (That was in the days before Health & Safety took over) so I figured something similar would have happened in Vietnam. This is my take on it.

Let’s see what you’ve been working on recently. Send your pics (no bigger than 1mB please) to natscomp.mafva@gmail.com.


*US and Canadian members can order directly from David’s website.


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