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Welcome to the first Tankette of 2024, and Editor Robin has assembled a fine selection of articles for us.
We start with the cover, which is adorned with another photo from John Woolford, this time of a Hetzer and T34/85 at Tankfest 2023.
Page 2 is the regular ‘Member’s Models’ showing a variety types and scales.
On page 3 we have the contact addresses for the Association, a list of contents and the editorial. Members are reminded to check that they send Bank Standing Orders for the correct amount to the correct bank account. If you are in doubt, all the information is on the website, or contact the Membership Officer direct.
Dick Harley brings us part five of his Cromwell Kitography 2024. In this episode he discusses the small scale Cromwell variants produced by IBG. The faults and good points are outlined, and the options for correcting them are detailed. Whilst reference is made to the scale plans that appeared in previous instalments, this one includes the stowage diagrams for the Centaur Dozer.
We then have an update to the Scratchbuild challenge that appeared in Tankette 58/6, with news of a new 3D printed model of the Saxon REME variant.
David Fletcher then tells of an armoured bus built for the Home Guard in some numbers and operated by the London Passenger Transport Board.
On page 9 is a description with working drawings of a Land Rover used in Operation ‘Bastille’ 1979, by the Rhodesian S.A.S.
Andy Lang treats us to another of his modelling masterclasses, proves he is human by describing problems encountered while building an Iranian TNH Light Tank in 1/76th.
Mark Hazzard provides an in the box review of the Takom M103A2 tank, listing the pros and cons of the kit, but remarking that it is far better than the older Dragon kit.
Cookie Sewell the provides a look at the Zvezda T-62 MBT, comparing it with previous kits by other manufacturers. He lists each area of the kit, analysing the chance to improve it. He also indicates the opportunities for cross-kitting.
An interesting set of photos are included by Robin, taken by a crew member from HMS Colossus at El Alamein just post war.
We then have the regular spots of ‘The Case for Books’, with reviews of recent books.
Followed by Robin’s selection of recent kits in ‘Out in the Marketplace.
The last item is an update on the article about the travelling Matilda II, with contributions and a lot more photos of this and other Matilda tanks.
Another excellent magazine.

Paul Middleton MAFVA 1528


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