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MAFVA Constitution






The name of the Association is the Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association (MAFVA or the Association) and uses the early tank known as “Little Willie” for the Association logo.



  1. Objectives.


MAFVA exists to promote interest in AFV’s and their associated equipment and to act as a non-profit making organisation for the collection and dissemination of information. We aim to provide members of the Association with a magazine called Tankette. Local branches in the UK and overseas are encouraged to hold meetings, displays and competitions to enable members to meet others with similar interests and to share information and expertise. A national show and competition will be held annually to allow all members to meet and display their models and interests.


  1. Members.


Members of the Association will be:


  1. Full Members who have current fully paid up subscriptions to the Association.
  2. Family Members who have current fully paid up subscriptions to the Association.
  3. Honorary Members who have provided exceptional service to the Association.



  1. Subscription.


Membership of MAFVA will be by annual subscription. This will be determined by the Committee from time to time, taking into account the expenses and running costs of the Association. Full payment of the annual subscription will allow the privileges of the Association for one year.



  1. Committee and Decision Making.


A Committee has been formed from members of the Association to administer the Association in accordance with the Constitution.  Members of the Committee are voted on to the Committee by the membership of the Association. (Details of voting are below).  A quorum for a full committee meeting will be no less than 5 elected MAFVA members. In the event of a hung decision at a committee vote, the Chairman will have a casting vote.


The Committee will consist of the following:


  1. President
  2. Chairman
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Tankette Editor
  6. Liaison Officer
  7. Information Officer
  8. Web Site Officer
  9. Membership Secretary
  10. Publicity Officer


The Committee meets from time to time to decide policy.

Additionally the Committee may co-opt specialist members to advise on matters requiring expert knowledge, or delegate sub-committees to undertake special tasks.

Members are voted on to the Committee by the following procedure:


  1. Details of the Committee positions with a brief description of role will be described in Tankette.  Details of the procedure to be followed to become a candidate for these posts are included in this issue of Tankette.


  1. Details of all candidates will be collected by the Secretary and be published in the Tankette following the closing date for candidates’ applications.  This will consist of a voting form showing the candidates for each post.  Details for returning the voting form will be included in this edition of Tankette.


  1. Only current paid up Full Members, and Honorary Members will be entitled to vote in election of MAFVA Committee members and officers.


  1. A Returns Officer is appointed by the Committee, who will count received votes, and inform the membership at the Annual General Meeting as to who will be on the Committee.  Successful candidates will be notified at least one week before the AGM to facilitate transfer of responsibilities between retiring and new officers at the AGM.  The usual term of office will be two years.


  1. Annual General Meeting.


The date, venue and agenda for the AGM will be decided by the extant Committee and advance notice given in Tankette and the Association’s internet website, and will be available to MAFVA members on request (if accompanied by a stamped self- addressed envelope).  Additions to the agenda from members will be sent to the Secretary to arrive no later than six weeks prior to the AGM.


The independently examined MAFVA accounts will be presented at the AGM by the Treasurer and recorded as an Annex in the minutes of the AGM.


Only current paid up MAFVA Full Members and Honorary Members attending the AGM in person are eligible to vote on matters raised at the AGM by simple majority.


The Officers of the Association, as decided by the voting procedures described above, will be announced for the forthcoming year.  Minutes from the AGM will be taken and distributed to members who request a copy of these minutes and provide a stamped self-addressed envelope.


  1. Extraordinary General Meeting


An EGM may be convened in exceptional circumstances.  This meeting will be held if 20 or more paid members request by writing or email to the Secretary that an EGM should be held.  As the nature of an EGM will be deemed to be urgent, notice of this EGM will be announced in the first edition of Tankette published after the request for an EGM is received (if practicable), published on the Association website, and MAFVA branch representatives notified.  Details will include date, time and location of the EGM, and the reason that the EGM has been called.  Minutes will be taken at the EGM and distributed to members that request a copy of the EGM minutes and who provide a stamped self – addressed envelope.

Only current paid up MAFVA Full Members and Honorary Members are eligible to vote in EGM motions.



  1. Dissolution

MAFVA may only be dissolved by a Special Meeting called for that purpose by the Committee, giving at least one months notice to members.  Notice of such a meeting will be given on the MAFVA website and by notifying branch representatives, and if possible in Tankette.


Dissolution can only take effect by majority decision of all full members and Honorary Members present.  In the event of dissolution the Committee will be empowered to dispose of the assets of MAFVA, after collecting all due debts to the Association and discharging the liabilities of the Association, for the benefit of a registered charity as agreed by the Committee.


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